Possible to hide things?

Is there a way to hide items from my Things list? I have some virtual switches strictly for setting alarms based on physical devices, but I don’t need to see them in my Things list.

in the v2 app… no… but you can prefix them with “zz” and they will sit on the bottom of the list.

Put them in a dummy Room…

Should be annoption i agree :slight_smile:

putting things in dummy rooms does not remove them from the Things list view…

That did work with the v1 app :wink:

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It does in Version 1.7.x of the mobile App, and I refuse to upgrade until absolutely necessary. :wink:

I created a room called system, for all the crufty nonsense.
I try to desperately avoid things view, as it amounts to endless scrolling through page after page…


Are you one of those guys still stuck on Windows XP, too?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not quite – but I still have a Windows Vista machine.

That’s almost as bad as having had Windows Me hahahaha

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New to this thread and this objective. My use case is that I a door lock called “Front Door” and a virtual button called “Front Door Lock” which is a virtual on/off switch. Using a CoRE piston to mirror the state of the lock and the switch, I am able to ask Alexa to “Turn on the Front Door Lock” which circumvents the fact that Alexa will not control locks. She thinks she is turning on a switch, and then CoRE mirrors that switch to actually unlock the door.

It works great but I hate there are two entries in my Things menu for the same physical device.

Playing with custom device handlers, I managed to remove the tiles{} block completely from my virtual switch DH and what happens is that you get entries in the “Things” menu that say “Tile Missing” for a the device type. This doesn’t really solve my problem, but it keeps me from having to name it something funky (like zzzFront Door Lock) so it still works with Alexa for instance.

Another option I found was to make the label for each state a null string “” and the background color white. You still see the name of the device but there is no state information in the right hand column. I think this is the approach I’m going to stick with for now.


really would be a great feature to be able to hide.

Another alternative is to fiddle with the device handler and change the “main” tile to something less annoying, like power if it’s a metering switch as an example.

I’ve done that too :slight_smile:

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