How to delete virtual switch?

Is there some special trick to deleting a virtual switch?

I have a virtual switch I was using to effectively give a real switch a second name via Smart Lighting “mirror behavior”. Decided I don’t need it and deleted the Smart Lighting rule.

I then used the IDE to delete the virtual switch. I get a warning that is in use and things will break. IDE then shows a message that the device has been deleted.

But it wasn’t deleted, it’s still there in the list of devices.

Try it in the IDE running the browser in the incognito mode.

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Thanks, that didn’t work.

I did manage to delete it. Had to go into each of the items in the “In use by” list and delete those. At which point the device disappeared.

Ok, that was probably not the right thing to do.

One of the items that showed as in use was Alexa. Deleting that disabled Alexa connection to SmartThings.

Disabled the skill in Alexa app, then enabled it again. All devices rediscovered, groups and Alexa Routines somehow survived.


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