REQUEST: hidden devices

( Cosmo) #1

Please make a “hidden” room option or perminant room to hide devices.
Then make app attribute which hides devices from things list if added to “hidden” room.

With 100+ regular devices and almost two dozen virtual devices, the list gets ridiculous to get through and if I could hide a lot of virtual items that are used for automating things, it would make a huge difference!!

Or any other manner of hiding devices in things list, even if it brings them automatically down to the bottom of the list overriding the natural alphabetical order.
Anything please!!

Temporarily Disable / Hide seasonal "things / devices" in ST

You should submit a sugestion to ST support and post to threads like this one: (Your thread is pointles on its own.)

(Michael Beatty) #3

I always use the “rooms” view over the “Things” view for that very reason. I think that does pretty much what you want… just requires one more tap.

Its also worth noting that the latest mobile app now has “favorites” on the main dashboard making it easy to put just the devices you use most right at your finger tips.

( Cosmo) #4

Totally understand how the new version displays things.
My request has to do with addressing a shortcoming dealing with device management.

It has a purpose. Again I know what the most current capabilities are. Just requesting something.


Sorry if I came off wrong. But all we can do is post requests directly to the ST staff in the announcment posts. If more people join you, than maybe ST will listen. Maybe.

(Robin) #6

I put the letter Z ahead of all my ‘rubbish’ devices to force them to the bottom of the list :slight_smile:

But a rearrange option would be better!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

ActionTilesJust sayin’. :smirk:



Less than 20 char.

( Cosmo) #9

if it were for interactive control of devices, I certainly would. AT is impressive.

This is for checking on things as I’m working on automations, looking in device tile page at attributes and activity screen. occasionally settings. it’s just a pain to scroll through so many things.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #10

Yah… I empathize.

Since I use ActionTiles for view & control, I only use “Rooms” in SmartThings to organize my Things for automation!


That’s over a buck per character. :wink: I do love me some ActionTiles though!

(Christophe Sellan) #12

I am interesting to ability to hide device in the things tab
i am newer iat ST, just transfet a little part of my “things” And it is already the brothel :scream:

(Robin) #13

Since this thread was started, ST introduced an improved dashboard with favourites. This allows you to show just the tiles you want and rearrange them as desired.

It’s a shame the favourites are not scaleable nor do they show device images (just icons), but at least things are slowly moving in the right direction.

(G) #14

Found this thread while looking for solution to hide device as well since I like to make sure no one will trigger it even by accident. Pretty disappointing there is no solution for device not to show up in the app what so ever.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #15

It’s one reason for the popularity of ActionTiles.

Most family members don’t need the SmartThings App (except for Presence and dismissing SHM alerts). Secure ActionTiles dashboards “Panels” contain only the Things they need, by the choice of the household administrators.

(Thom Bell) #16

My teenage daughter has no idea how many sensors, cameras, etc. are in my house. She just needs to think there are a damn lot of them.

(G) #17

That’s true, but they still have it installed if they use device as presence sensor, so accidents can happen if they open the app

(Robin) #18

Or you could just give them the webCoRE presence sensor… or a physical arrival sensor.

(G) #19

Now that is GREAT idea !

EDIT: On android Early access, no space available :frowning:
Found the APK but not sure if its OK to use it without permission