Hide Virtual Devices

Is there a way to hide all the virtual devices? I have few virtual devices which I don’t turn on or off using the smartapp. These are controlled via pistons so I don’t really need to see them in “things”. For now I am just creating a room called “virtual” and dumping all the things that I don’t use in this room.

I usually just add a Z in front of things i don’t want to see and then segregate to their own Room.


That’s what I do now. I just name them “virtual …” and club them in one room. But wanted to check if there is a better solution available. As you add more and more devices, you are kind of forced to create rooms so that wait/load time is decreased.


One benefit to ActionTiles is that there is an “instant search” function when building custom dashboard Panels. And your Panels are, of course, organized to your custom design, not just alphabetical or a long scrolling list.

Maybe a secondary “virtual” location and house all your virtual devices in there? Not sure if that would work though?

Automations (SmartApps, etc.) can’t run across multiple Locations.

But with webcore you can call a piston to execute across multiple locations

If virtual device changes
Execute piston

Or you can use the external url to trigger it

If you are using webCoRE and you don’t need to interact with the Virtual Switch, you can just use Variables within webCoRE.

Same rules that you have for the Virtual Switch can be applied to the Variable.

If such and such is such and such
Then using Variable, Value=on

If such and such is such and such
Then using Variable, Value=off

This way, they don’t show up as devices but work the same.

If you need to change the value manually, then you could do this with a Routine…

This may work in some situations. I will give it a try. Although this approach wont work with IFTTT (eg. if virtual switch is on then IFTTT to turn on Wyze notifications).

I believe that webCoRE interfaces with IFTTT so yes, it would work.

Two new things to try :wink: Did not know that!!!

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