Porch Light - On a few hours before Sunrise

(scooter133) #1

I’m new to Smart Things and just received my new v2.0 hub,
I’m looking to Automate the Porch light.

Turn on at Sunset
Turn off at 10PM.
Turn on 2 Hours before RunRise
Turn Off at Sunrise
Turn on for an Hour if after 10PM and Mobile Device is Approaching.

So Far I’m stumbling on the 2 Hours before Sunrise.

Any Suggestions? Thanks!

(Keith Croshaw) #2

So for the ones involving sunrise/sunset I would use the routines built into the app it has offsets before and after sunrise/sunset. For the rest I would use SimpleRuleBuilder.com

Good luck!

(Tamara) #3

Most of these can be done with the Smart Lighting smart app. You need separate rules for each on and off point.

Note: I think that a negative sign in the offset is correct to do before sunrise, but I am not entirely certain.

This is the tricky one. I don’t think it can be done with Smart Lighting. I can get as far as turning on the light upon arrival between 10pm and sunrise, but there’s no way to shut it off an hour later. This would probably need a smart app. You can check the marketplace to see if anything exists that would work, or try a rule builder as mentioned above.

I would probably do as much as possible with Smart Lighting, so that you can get as much local processing as possible.

(Keith Croshaw) #4

Yea that’s why I stay with SimpleRuleBuilder. As many “AND’s” & “OR’s” as I need.

(scooter133) #5

Awesome. I think I have it all. I must of Missed the Sunrise Offset when I went though it before. So far I just have the Manual off if I ‘Arrive’ after 10. I’ll have to check out the SimpleRuleBuilder.

Thank you!