POPP Solar Siren 2 integration

First attempt at using a device handler with a device and not going well so far.

Using Smartthings new app and Smartthings hub, i installed the siren in Smartthings with the default POPP assigned ZWave Siren handler.

In Smarthings, all looks ok but with the very limited functionality.

On advice in these forums, I published the krlaframboise : Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren handler to me in the IDE and it is available. I changed the Type for my Popp siren to use this, all in the IDE, and saved everything. However, the siren sid not show as connected in Smartthings so I am clearly doing something wrong. I need step by step instructions to get this working. Note i have excluded and redone the device in Smartthings app. Should I be installing everything within the IDE and not the app, and if so, how?

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