Popp Solar Outdoor Siren 2 (700854) on Smartthings

Hi there guys,

I am new here. I just purchased the Popp Solar Outdoor Siren 2 (700854) and while I am trying to connect this to my Samsung Smartthings v2 hub this is shown just as an outlet offering very limited functionality. I’ve read some posts about doing some changes via the device handler as to make this work. Can someone provide some guidance what I need to do?

Here’s the link for my device:


And here’s the manual http://manual.zwave.eu/backend/make.php?lang=en&sku=POPE700854

@Nissias Did you have much luck with this in integrating it? Considering purchasing this. Does the Solar panel work as expected?

Unfortunately not. I am just using this with the default settings available in Smartthings for a z wave siren

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