Siren alerts

Trying to set up my siren to go off when an intrusion is detected, I tried to set an siren notification but it states I can’t currently add this even though it is recognizes as a device?

What kind of siren?

Are you using a custom or ST’s default device handler?

It’s a Zooz siren, its recognized as a siren, i.can turn it off and on
but can’t set it up as a notification. Using a ST handler

Cool. I have 2 of those working great. You need to use this DTH: (Zooz and Dome are the same)

when i try to create the smartapp from the code. it errors out with a
signature error.

Create a new device handler, not a smartapp. That should do the trick. Make sure to edit the device to use what you created. Just follow the instructions for the Dome and you’ll be good.

Hi @Dan_Carter, did you get this working?

Seems to be installed correctly, when I go to test the sounds on the app,
I get nothing?

None of the sirens, chimes, or bell sounds work? Try going into device preferences (he gear icon), review that settings are there, and then tap on Done. Wait for a few minutes for the device wake up, or I believe you can tap on Refresh. Now try one of those sounds.

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