POPP Camera with Z-Wave Gateway. How to?

i am trying to connect a Z-Wave Camera from POPP.
With the POPP App averything is working fine, but how to implement in smart things Hub ?
Anybody an idea or maybe a better idea for a cam < 80 Euro each ?

Technically it’s not A “zwave camera”: it’s a zwave hub with a camera built in. I don’t believe you’ll be able to access the camera from any other Z wave network. Zwave itself doesn’t support the bandwidth required for video transmissions. If you find out differently, do let us know.


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Many thanks. I expect this after some hours trying.
So i need another camera - anybody an idea ?

If you are looking for low budget cameras, I would wait a little, as the new app is not supporting custom DHs for cameras yet.

Otherwise I can warmly advise Foscam cameras and @RBoy 's Foscam DH (payable service), because it can utilise all the features of the camera. If the camera supports panning, or motion detection then it is exposed to ST and fully functional. (Maybe not video clips.)

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Hm… is there no camera working properly with Smartthings?
The Samsung Camera is only working with a vodafone account, Ring Cameras need a subscription and arlo Cameras are really expensive. Nothing else?

Unfortunately no cheap option yet. Maybe Wyze will have an official integration at some time in the future…

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