Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan Smart Things compatible?

I am looking for a Smart Things compatible camera that costs less than 40USD. I have found very few compatible cameras at the price I want. But I found one from Wyze (Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan). I saw that some people said that it is compatible with Smart Things but it is not written anywhere by the manufacturer. Is it really compatible? Also in Switzerland (where I live)? And if it is compatible, are all the control features available on Smart Things? And if it is not compatible, does anyone know of a compatible camera under 40USD?

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Official website camera link :


WYZE is a popular inexpensive camera brand, but it is not compatible with SmartThings.

Very few cameras are, unfortunately. To find brands which are available in your region, open the smartthings app, go to “add a device” and there will be a section where devices are listed by type.

Outside of those, you may be able to get some partial integration through Ifttt or the Amazon Alexa app, or some other integration method, but the camera feeds will not show up inside the smartthings app.

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Wyze promised a ST integration neary 3 years ago…it’s still absent. Wyxe is a company of empty promises whos networked products are also proven to be not secure. Take that as you will…


Wyze has officially canceled plans for a SmartThings integration and plans to focus on Matter instead.

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That’s a good trick since Matter does not as yet include cameras. :thinking: (but they are under discussion for future phases.)

Matter Smart Home Standard FAQ - Consumer Reports - Consumer Reports


I know right? They also haven’t stated yet which of their products can actually be updated to included Matter capability.