Any security webcam that are compatible with ST?

Any security webcam that are compatible with ST? From the ST apps market place it is showing Samsung SNH-P6410BN is one of the compatible product. However, when I look at the manufacture website spec it did not mention anything about z-wave.

This make me wonder if all the SmartCam product from Samsung website are ST compatible.

I believe those camera’s are ip based, not sure to the extent of the integration since I don’t use it.

One of the reasons SmartThings release Hub V2 was that it does the job of capturing IP based video streams, buffering, and relaying them to the SmartThings Cloud.

Video streams are not using Z-Wave or ZigBee; but various protocols over IP (I think such things as MJPEG over http, RTSP, H.264, etc.).

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It’s too technical. So v2 hub will be able to add all IP camera like one in the URL I posted enable in the ST apps?

As far as I know, SmartThings hasn’t released all the specs for Camera Device APIs / DTHs.

But there’s a few Community Developer who have had success figuring some or all of it out… I’ll try to remember their names.

@RBoy is one good reference; but there’s at least one more person…

And see @blebson

When you say integration, there are different levels of it. There is a way to have Foscam, Blink. D-Link and some other cameras to stream video in to the ST app (works with v1 and v2 hubs, actually it has little to do with the hub), however the deep integration in SHM (e.g. video recording) isn’t possible as yet AFAIK. So if you goal is to watch a live stream over the phone yes, that’s definitely possible.

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This is what I want the ST eventually able to do:

  1. I want the security webcam(s) to be able to start recording for 30 mins if any of the open\close sensor activated in the ‘Away’ mode

  2. I want the ST hub to trigger the siren if motion is detect from the webcam in the area that I do not have a z-wave motion sensor install.

  3. I want to be able to view the video and send me text message from ST app instead of using Foscam, Blink. D-Link apps. (one app to do all)

  4. I like to use Google Home or Alexa to change the angel or direction of the webcam using voice

I’m not aware of any solution that meets ALL of the needs above. AFAIK Foscam will be the closest. You will need to enable motion detection which can start video recording. There is no way to manually start a recording. A notification can be sent but you can’t view the video in the ST app since it’s recorded locally. There are custom interfaces available to turn the camera but you’ll have to write or customize the ask Alexa app to utilize them.