New to Z-Wave. Desire Alexa integration with camera so Alexa routines will run consistently. Advice?

New to Z-Wave. Desire Alexa integration so Alexa routines will run consistently. Advice?

Background: Got quite a few Amazon Echos and smart plugs and a few Kasa Link in wall switches that all work with Alexa and routines.

Tried the cheapie Wyze camera with USB hub attached to back (not Z wave) and external Wyze Sense motion Sensor. I get notifications that Wyze motion sense (what they call it) has detected motion on my phone but Alexa routine runs about 20% of the time. Got to be a better way. Wyze sent me a new sensor (external), no luck. Perhaps I got a bad hub that plugs in back–no luck in them sending me a new one. Sad… Prob software/firmware only 1/2 baked.

*Not looking to spend a lot of money.

DESIRE: Would like a cheap/reliable camera for indoors (can be wired with USB) to put on shelf. One that has PIR hopefully AND that can trip an Alexa routine consistently.

Of course I will need a hub. I do not want to buy the Amazon Echo Plus that acts as a hub. Have enough Echo’s.

Do not want to use IFTTT nor Smartthings due to reviews on Smartthings that seem iffy but I can return it. Above all anything I buy must be able to be recognized as a device in the Alexa app and a routine to be tripped 90-100% of the time.

Have an Android phone FWIW.

Perhaps I should also post this in another forum… Do not like to cross post though.



Sorry, I’m confused. Z wave is a home automation protocol intended for devices which send very tiny messages infrequently, like light switches. There are no Z wave cameras: both audio and video require much more bandwidth than zwave provides. For a DIY installation, pretty much all cameras will be Wi-Fi or ethernet or directly connected to a video server.

So I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here.

SmartThings is a multi protocol platform, so it can work with some Z wave devices, some Zigbee devices, some Wi-Fi devices, etc.

If you’re looking for a brand agnostic home automation discussion forum, reddit has a good one:

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It is not clear what you are trying to do here, but if you just want reliable motion sensor i would look at motion sensors rather than cameras. The echo flex with motion sensor addon maybe a good solution.

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