Pool temperature probe


After reading several post about being able to monitor pool temp I put this together. It’s comprised of the Fibaro door/window sensor, waterproof project box, temp probe DS18B20 and some pvc. The temp probe fits nicely into a 1/4 push connector with 3/8” male threads. The only modification I did to the connector was to drill the inside of the threaded end to allow me to push the probe all the way in. Originally, my goal was to use the probe to turn my pool on and off but my placement only allows me to monitor temp when poor is running as the plumbing quickly cools to surrounding air temp when pool is off. I’ll move into the skimmer in the off season.




Post pics and link to other project please.

@briche Any chance of you giving more details on the PVC parts shown in the picture? the 3/8" threads, are they on the inside of the push connector or do you mean the threads on the exterior that connect it to a larger piece? What did you use to cap the “T” junction and how did you connect the push connector? Any leaks or any silicon used to prevent them?

This is very close to what I would like to do, so just trying to get some details before cutting into my pool lines, haha.


I used an 1 1/2” t and reduced it down to a fitting with 3/8 female threads. Bought a 1/4” push to connect fitting with 3/8” male threads. That fitting I drilled the threaded end to remove the stop point so I could insert the temp probe all the way. Pvc clue in fittings, Teflon tape on threads and nothing on the push fitting. I know the picture looks wet but it had just rained.

@briche that’s great stuff man. I have been looking for an elegant way to add a smart temp reader to the plumbing, not to the pool itself, this is perfect for me.

Mind telling me what Fibaro model that is? I assume the older model, though those are a bit harder to find in the US, and I don’t think the new models have the terminals for adding an external thermometer.

Also, any idea what length your probe was, did ou buy a longer one to further submerge it or no?

Again, great work, and thanks for the info.

It’s this door sensor:


And the ds18b20 standard probe

Great info, thanks!

Were you able to get this working in the new Smartthings app? I have the Fibaro sensor in a similar setup in my skimmer and it worked great on the old app. However on the new app it will not read the temperature.

I have not switched to the new app as it doesn’t support 3rd party extensions.

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