POE Injector recommendation for D-Link DCS-2310L camera

I want to setup 4 D-Link DCS-2310L cameras with my hub. These are going to be mounted outside the house at locations that don’t have any power outlets. I was going to provide power over Ethernet for these but I can’t find any power injectors that match the power requirements for the camera. The power adapter has listed the input at 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.2A/15VA, Output at 5V - 1.2A.

I have checked Amazon and a few other sites and haven’t found any injectors that match the power output of the camera adapter. I prefer single port injectors over hubs as I will be running the wire from 2 different rooms. The highest level of amps I have seen so far is is 0.5A.

Any recommendations welcome. Thanks!

IIRC the max draw for standard PoE is 0.35A so your 0.5A injector will be fine. It’s possible the included power supply is oversized for the camera (they likely use the same PS for both the wifi and wired cameras).

You will need one injector per camera, however.

Remember that your going poe now so pay no attention to the to camera power adapter. The camera supports 802.3af PoE Class 2, any standard poe injector will be fine. Your poe injector will most likely be 48v too. The power adaptor specs are only important if your going the passive route.

I can confirm that the camera powers up and works with a tplink TL-PoE150S injector that gives an output of 0.35 amps. The seller was incorrect in stating 0.5 amp output for this injector. Thanks for the replies.