POE IP Camera Recommendations

Hello all,
I’ve finally decided to tackle getting my security camera solution sorted out. I’m looking for recommendations to ensure reliability and support for the features I’d like. They are as follows:

Outdoor rated POE IP cameras.
24/7 local recording
Notifications of motion that when selected will link to the event/live video (does not have to be in smart things)
Good app interface that makes it easy to view events locally or remotely.
Ability to send motion alerts to smart things to trigger lights locks etc.
IR motion detection.
4+ cameras supported

I’ve read a lot about blue Iris and have messed around with the demo. I’ve been leaning towards Amcrest cameras but ultimately I’m open to anything. I’m especially looking for feedback from people who own a setup they’re happy with.

Let me know what you have or what you recommend!

Happy New Year all!


What did you end up using? I’m basically looking for the same setup features.

Blue iris + POE switch. I will be purchasing some dahua cams soon. There’s a seller on ipcamtalk forums who sells them. I haven’t decided on a specific model. I’m working on setting up the network side of things with an upgraded router and AP before installing cams.