PoE Camera integrated with SmartThings

I did a search on this topic and it seems like it has been almost 2 years since anything has been posted on this topic. If there are more recent posts on this please let me know.

I am looking for outdoor PoE cameras that “work with SmartTings.” When I look at the Works with SmartThings site, I see that some of the Ring cameras are integrated, but not the Stick Up Cams which have the only outdoor PoE camera that is being released by Ring. I looked at the Arlo cameras, but it doesn’t seem that they have any PoE cameras.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Arlo: Powered by waterproof USB cable = Yes; PoE = no.

What is your use case? There are custom DH for the Foscam cameras made by @Rboy. And Foscam has multiple PoE cameras for outdoor use. www.foscam.com

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Adding to Gabor’s note, use can check out the Foscam FI8910 and FI9803EP which are PoE cameras and can integrate with SmarThings for motion detection and some other features using a custom integration. More details here: [RELEASE] Foscam Camera Device Handler Universal DTH with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD Ambarella FI98xx, FI99xx, Cx, Gx, Rx, Ex, Zx, Fosbaby

GSzabados thanks for your response. Here is an overview of my Use Case.
I am currently looking for a security camera solution for my home exterior. I would currently need 3 exterior cameras but I would like to be able to grow to support 3-4 additional cameras. I do not have easy access to power for several of the locations, so PoE is very appealing to me. I already have a NetGear PoE switch, so this is another reason that the PoE cameras are appealing. I also have a SmartThings hub with a number of devices throughout the home and I would like to integrate the cameras into this hub so that I can use motion detection from the camera to turn on lights and other items as an example.

RBoy - thanks for the additional information and the link to the other thread. I am taking a serious look at the new QJ4 cameras. Will your device handler work with these?

Foscam cameras are based on 3 chipsets, they keep tweaking the physical design and model numbers by region but the underlying chipsets are the same so it should work. You just need to pick the appropriate option in the device setting when setting it up.

@RearAdmiral, Tim, what kind of internet connection do you have? How much do you want to depend on a subscription of a cloud service?

Most of the Foscam cameras has option to install micro SD cards for local storage, and you can buy Foscam NVR to record the feed from the cameras locally on the network.

I have 4 pieces FI9900P and an NVR which has continuous recording. But Foscam offers cloud storage with different kind of subscription options too, but it requires a stable and high speed internet connection and a paid monthly fee.

I have no experience of the human detection, but the motion detection can be tricky or bad, if you use the cameras outside. I have continuous problems with spiderweb in front of the camera during night time, when it is windy or the spider does a walk around. The IR makes the web shining and if it moves then it triggers the motion detection. Maybe mine is an older model, but it has some quirks. Either you need to clean the spiderweb often or reduce the sensitivity of the motion detection. By the way turning on an off a light in front of a camera during night time with the IR on can trigger motion detection too. Of course you can define zones for motion detection, but these cameras are not really “state of the art” solutions. For that you need to pay big bucks. They are perfect for monitoring and CCTV purposes.
The best what you can do is to check them somewhere where they are installed and used continuously or maybe order one from amazon and try it first. If it doesn’t fit for your general use then you might be able to return it with amazon.
The old ones works with the Foscam app, but full feature settings can be only done from a Windows PC using Internet Explorer only. That might have changed with the newer models.
Read some reviews and try to get one for testing.
They integrate well with @RBoy’s DH. You get motion detection, you can take still shots. If the camera support PTZ then you can move it with the DH too, power on/off and reboot, and IR options. And you can watch the feed too if you make the camera accessible from the internet. Basically everything what you can ask for.
You can define email alerts to be sent with pictures from the cameras setup menu and schedules too. It has all kind of functionality what anyone can ask for.
The best is to try it first.
I have no experience with Arlo or Nest cameras, but I think they are different league. They more for cloud and subscription use. Foscam does a basic job fully locally (not the DH locally) with multiple integration options.

@GSzabados - Thanks for all of the information. I have already been in touch with customer support with Foscam and covered a few questions with them. I will definitely take a look at some of the reviews. I see that the QJ4 cameras that I am considering will take a 128GB SD card. I am thinking that if I do that I could forego the NVR and still get plenty recording time. If I don’t need an NVR, then I can get 1 camera and try it out without a whole lot of risk and then make a decision going forward based on that one.

@RearAdmiral, With the FI9900P the SD card could be used only if the camera was dismantled first. It is a pity as it meant to void warranty. The front two screws had to be removed and one was with a tamper protection QC sticker. If you have contacted their customer support, then ask about the SD card installation too. I think they were selling some models with extra cost, where they installed the SD card. But in that case, you never know what kind of SD card. One of my cards died after 3 years. I will probably change for a Samsung Endurance.
I used the card only for motion detected recording.
If you have a NAS drive like Synology or QNap they might have option to work as NVR too. The camera has some FTP function aswell as I remember, but never tried it. I was sticking to my original plan. NVR with HDD for continuous recording, micro SD for motion recording at the camera, and email alert with pictures of the motion. Then after a year and a half I realized that there is a SmartThings integartion. I make snapshots when the gate or garage door opens or closes.
Try it, that is the best.

You might want to consider a UPS too if you would run it from PoE. Just for power outages.

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