Outdoor Camera options

Hello All,

I’m looking for and outdoor camera that can record 24/7 at least 7 days cloud retention storage. Preferably POE so only need to run one wire. Would like it to integrate with smarthings if possible and send notifcations when there are motions alerts. I’m aware I can use a stand online sensor for this but it be nice to see where motion occurs when reviewing the footage and trigger other automation’s.

I currently was using arlo but it is not working out the way I need to cover delivery’s because of the delay.
So I’m now looking for a good wired solution. It seems many people are. Any recommendations.

D-Link holds up to any weather I have had. Night vision sucks.

Any particular D-Link Camera’s? Do they work with Smarthings?

I have 2330L and it works great with Smartthings