POE IP Camera Inregration

I have 8 Reolink RLC-410S Cameras that are POE IP Cameras, that work great on the Reolink app. They are not supported on Reolink cloud. That makes it so they do not work with Alexa’s Skills. SmartThings still has not made any headway at adding camera compatibility other than with Arlo and Ring that are third party monthly fee sites.
There are discussions on the form relating to this, but they are all two to three years old and no longer work with the different updates and upgrades.
I would love help finding a easy way to add my 8 POE IP Cameras to SmarThings.
Please help I would like to use the motion and audio features with these cameras.


I have exactly the same issue - I have a GW Security system with 8 IP cameras all hooked up via POE and it seems like I should be able to replace the camera “brain” with something that would integrate with ST.

SmartThings has added Aectec, Imilab, and their own SmartThings cameras, now supporting five brands of cameras including Arlo and Ring. But still have not done anything to support POE IP cameras. Calling SmartThings customer support center and talking to four different representatives, none of them had a clue what POE even stood for, much less were able to give me an answer or a number whom I would be able to call that might be able to help address this issue. The lack of adding a generic coding for an IP camera to be detected on the local network in SmartThings is a lack of paying attention to the customer desires. It would be nice to have all the smarthome devices connected to one source, managed and able to be on a closed network with no third party apps or any reoccuring fees.