Foscam Question

I have browsed the forum quite a bit now and am still unclear on some IP camera questions. I would like to set up 3 outdoor and 1 indoor camera and would like to know if I get the SD card supported Foscam Camera’s if I still need to have a computer or NVR set up with the system to run the management software? I just want it to record when motion is detected and I am away or asleep. Not continuously.

Also, if I go PoE, do I just run CAT6 to each location and back to a switch than that goes to the router? Is that all there is to it?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


Here’s how I use my 4 Foscam’s, 2 indoor, 2 outdoor. Each camera is setup on their own GE zwave outlet. These outlets are then controlled by the SmartThings Hello Home schedule to turn on or off based on time of day and or our presence. Then I created an email account for each camera and setup the motion detection. The cams then email us pics of any motion that then occurs. (Works great until a spider makes a web in-front of the IR cam lights and you get 1000 plus emails over night!) Once my cameras were setup they do not need a PC for use.

As far a POE goes. If your switch is POE capable, then yes all you have to run your CAT5 or CAT6 to it. If your switch isn’t POE capable, (most aren’t) then you’d either need to get a new switch that is capable or a power injector.


@NMK95 Why not just have it enable/disable the motion detection instead of turning the cameras on and off like that, it can’t be great for the cameras to turn on and off that frequently.

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