Plug in temp sensor

Does anyone know of a plug in sensor that will measure temp. the wireless ones are nice but I would like to be able to update more often without buying batteries every week.

Homeseer HSM200. Have one, works, temp seems off a few degress but there is a calibration item in settings for the device
Needed custom code to make it work, also on this forum

I’m pretty happy with the Aeon multi that I’ve got running on mains power. It’s a good alternative if you could also use motion/humidity/lux in the same area.

can the Aeon sensor be set to update temps every minute if on USB?

I like that but man $70 each when I need 10 of them ouch

As far as I know, it updates whenever the temperature changes. Is there a specific use case where you need it to report that the temperature hasn’t changed?

no hasnt changed but I have a ton of Smartthings multi sensors, 2 Aeon 4 in 1s and a ton of Iris motion and Smartthings motions. Most of them will not report changes as soon as they happen. I will notice on is showing say 63 degrees and do a refresh and if goes to 70. I have polster hitting them and it doesnt matter sometimes.

I noticed my Appliance plug feeds live wattage use data and just thought a bunch of plug in temp sensors would provide live data the same way. hopefully

Yup. The plugged in Aeon multi I’ve got in our bathroom automatically reports when something changes, so that should do what you’re looking for.

I agree that batteries suck. LSD NIMH batteries suck a bit less than Alkalines.