Plugged in - Z-Wave Motion + Temperature Sensor

(Brandt) #21

Do the plugged in sensors report temperature and light levels more often than the battery powered ones? I need something that knows more quickly whether a light is shining or not…


The reason I am looking for a plug in motion sensor is because in the garage it gets cold and batteries don’t last two minutes in cold weather. I have a battery powered one in their now and the battery is going down so fast compared to other sensors inside the house.
I brought the garage sensor inside and suddenly the battery life is now fine.

(Vi) #23

A USB Plug-in adapter +

(or similar) should solve the problem.
You’ll need to solder a couple or wires but the sensor can be placed anywhere.

(Jim Gaudette) #24

So get a 12vdc (or within the range) power supply and insert this between the hot side of the power supply and the positive terminal of sensor, then common of supply direct to negative terminal of sensor???

Are thermostats run off 12vdc? Be a nice place to put sensor and easy to grab 12v (since we had to run a common for the smart ones already anyway)…

(Vi) #25

Yes, you connect -PS to Common of Regulator and to ‘-’ of the sensor.
+PS goes to Regulator IN+.
Regulator OUT+ -> ‘+’ of the sensor.

Known to me thermostats run on 24VAC. You’ll need a rectifier + filtering capacitors. Regulators with wider ranges of Input voltages certainly exist but I am not sure they will easily go into the sensor’s battery compartment.

(James) #26

Thanks for the link. Just ordered two to see if I can get the arrival sensor on the 12V from the car.

Those are a battery drain especially when it is cold out.

(Robin) #27