Aeon Multi-sensor... anyone using it?

I’m thinking about getting one of these units. I want to put it in my upstairs hallway and use it to turn on the lights at night and when it’s dark. Can SmartThings use this both for motion and light level?

Yeah, I’ve got 4 running and 2 more going in. Yes and yes.also, if you use them indoors you can read humidity to cycle the a/c until you get to the decreed RH.

As far as I can tell, unless I’m missing something, the aeon provides more info (temp and humidity and lumens) than the st motion. So given a choice, I’d go with the aeon unit. When you code up your “events”/“triggers”, having the additional data points gives you more options on what the device can do. For example, I can put an aeon sensor indors and use the RG measurement to control a thermostat or use the lumens data point to control lighting. I don’t know what the final retail price will be for the ST PIR but its going to be close to the Aeon sensor I’m sure and you get a ton of usable data from those aside rom motion.