Aeon Labs MultiSensor (motion) Push Temp/Humidity

I have a couple Aeon Labs MultiSensor’s (motion) that give Temp/Humidity/Lux (see activity log).

I was thinking it would be nice to have an App that at some certain time (say 6:30AM) could send you a Push letting you know the Temp & Humidity of that sensor.
So I have one mounted on my Porch and it dawned on me that it sure would be nice to be able to look at my phone and know what the Temp is going to be heading out the door. Is it 70 degrees or is it 35 degrees.

I have never written a SmartThings App. I’m by no means a coder (however I have written some code being in IT). I’m not apposed to writing my own app but would need lots of hand holding.

I know the Aeon Labs send the Temp/Hum/Lux info on set intervals, I’m not sure that info can be pulled from them via Zwave. Maybe it can. I know that, this pose’s a problem for doing a push notification at X time. Maybe the first stab would require just pushing the last info received by the HUB.

Anyways we have all these Smart Sensors on our doors and we have these Aeon MultiSensors, they are all providing valuable info, I’m just looking to utilize that info.

I know this project is not as Sexy as some of the other ones out there but i was hopeful maybe someone would help me take this on.

Good idea, I am traveling but would like to work on it with you.

Please remind me Thursday and I will try to put something together.

Talk to you soon my friend!