Please help. Hub is installed. Cant add anything :( Schlage Lock

How do I access the IDE?

Tried doing as you suggested. Sent into the IDE and set it as an osram 60w bulb and its listed but hitting the on off button does nothing.

Its not paired properly reset it once again…also do them one at a time and give it a little more time between device pairings. I know you want to get it all hooked up but I have found that I have issues trying to pair devices in rapid succession… may be due to the polling that happens right after you pair. Basically the hub polls that device for additional sensors, data, features, batt life, etc

Also if you want leave the Hue lights on their hub and do a cloud to cloud integration instead.

I don’t own a hue bridge. They were working on an osram bridge. Now they won’t even show up for the osram bridge.

So I need to reset them all again, then one at a time add RN and change then to ZigBee hue in the IDE?

Then yes reset and make sure you run the exclusion process if the bulb is not found… if a device was paired to a previous hub you have to do the exclusion or it wont work.

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