Ring Video Doorbell

Have you stopped and given any thought as to why they provide a compatibility list for chimes?

Very short? The list contains 40 different mechanical chime models, and another 32 electronic models. And you can find quite a few of them on Amazon.

It should be.


well, it was clear (“Ring Doorbell to my existing wired chime”)
yes, I am surprised that they don’t supply decent support. I might not be using a compatible device. But I could find a compatible device if they cared to answer my questions like "what is the current that the device should support ?"
And I am also surprised to see that they even have a “compatible chime list” because the seller had told me that any standard chime would work as long as there is 8-24 VAC
And that’s really logical. A wired chime is nearly a standard equipment. I don’t see what parameter “Ring Doorbell” supports.

So start your own thread, and provide useful technical information if you’re asking for our help. If you just want to complain, you can also start your own thread for that.

^There’s some advice for starting your thread.


Tell us why you think they should support wiring your doorbell to a chime they explicitly tell you that they don’t support.

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I initially had a lot of trouble getting the Ring Pro to work. I finally figured out that the 20-year old transformer connected to my existing doorbell was no longer supplying the current it was supposed to. I replaced the transformer and everything worked fine.

Transformers are not expensive and might be worth a try.


We had an issue with the OAuth page that has recently been fixed, and I’m pleased to announce that the Ring will be coming soon to the UK!

I realize that saying it’s “coming soon” doesn’t really sound promising since it’s exactly the same as the last status update, but we’ve cleared a major hurdle as of today and we hope to get this out to you guys ASAP


Thanks, any updates are welcome ones, at least we know you’re looking into it.

Happy to volunteer as a beta tester.

Same here. I see now that Wink is listed as a Ring+ partner, when will SmartThings be listed as a Ring+ partner?

I finally managed to make my Ring Doorbell work.
Guess what , it was not about my chime being incompatible.
The rear part of the Ring Doorbell was faulty. It does not pass the electricity it receives from screw on the right to the above contact.

Anyway, now that Ring is working, I added the device to my Smartthings hub with the default device handler.
Is there a more capable device handler or smartapp for Ring Doorbell ?

Any possibility of taking a photo like my other IP cameras ?

Has anyone been able to connect their Ring Video to the video feed on SmartTiles?

If so, can you send me the link on how to do this?


This isn’t currently possible. No one currently has access to the video stream from Ring devices.

Hey @csuk, Do you know if there are any plans to work with Ring to bring their Stick-Up cam product into the fold? It’s basically just like the doorbell, but there’s no doorbell. Just a motion-enabled camera. I was using IFTTT and a custom device handler to emulate a motion sensor, but IFTTT is too slow to be reliable lately. I’d love to be able to once again have my back yard lights once again come on when my camera sees motion.


The Stick-Up cam is definitely on our roadmap along with adding the video feed from the doorbell. Other than that, I can’t speak to any kind of timeline for when you’ll be seeing a SmartThings integration for the camera live-in-production


I second the integration of Ring Chime. Please please integrate it to ST

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I’m not entirely sure what we’d do with that integration, it’s a fairly set and forget device although I guess if you had access to the settings you could change if it makes a noise or not depending on ST modes etc…

+1 for chime integration, would be great to be able to control the ringtones/volume based on modes of house/time of day, season, etc. Best use case I can think of would be to silence chime during nap time or louder when watching movies so we don’t miss it.


Having the Chime behavior modified by ST Mode would be a reasonable use case. I’m sure some parents would appreciate that ability.

Ring seems very focused on security first. Their entire Neighborhood program is about community crime reduction. I’d expect features related to that to be the ones they prioritize.

…such as automatically triggering Rings’ 40s video recording when the SMH detects an Intrusion. :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking of using Ring Chime as a notification that ST can trigger, say for motion sensor event


That’s not a bad shout at all! Good idea!

How would you go about doing this?