Play most recent episode from a podcast?

I finally managed to use my chromecast audio with smartthigns thanks to this guide.

I can play a mp3, for example, an episode from up first if I hard coded the url:

Is it possible to have webcore retrieve the URL from the most recent episode from their website?

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I was able to create a core piston that does this with the help of a bash script that a run on my synology. This is the piston:

And this is the bash script that cron runs at 6 am Mon-Fri

podcatcher --dir /podcasts/ -S one
ls -t /podcasts/cache | head -n 1 | xargs -I '{}' mv /podcasts/cache/'{}' /alarm/alarm.mp3

shopt -s globstar
flacfiles=(/music/Ludovico\ Einaudi/**/*.flac)
cp "${flacfiles[RANDOM % ${#flacfiles[@]}]}" /alarm/music.flac

I also have a local web server running on my synology so that webcore can access those two files.


If you can figure out the logic of the new URLs, you might be able to do this workaround that I made below. There are two podcasts that I listen to each morning, and their URLs are defined in part by the year, month and day.