Webcore Media File URL Location

I have been researching and reading numerous posts about playing a media track from within webcore but haven’t found clear instructions about where I am able to store my media files so that webcore can access them via the URL link.

I have a local NAS, WD MyCloud where my media files are stored. I am also running Plex Server and Plex Media Player. Here is what I have tried so far:

  • URL for my plex server (!/server/media/“file name”) without any luck.
  • right click on the media file to get file info but it lists the local mapping (Z:\Media\surely_a.wav) which won’t work
  • tried to store and access from my OneDrive cloud storage but it is posted via https: and didn’t work either, assuming due to the https

Is there a path to locate from within Plex or an online location to store the media files that can be readily accessed by webcore?

Thanks for any help or guidance!!!

I am storing and accessing my audio clip via AWS storage. This one plays a “Lets go Blackhawks” chant 120 seconds after they score… (Also does a couple other things but this gives you an example)

Thanks @pmjoen. I got a AWS S3 account setup and stored a .wav file. Used the link but it still didn’t work. Are there special file formats that is supported? What about permission? I have it setup as Public access on both the account, the bucket and the object without any encryption. Is there something that I missed?

Im not sure if there is an issue with format, but the one I hosted is an mp3. Try using my mp3 and see if it works and if so add an mp3 to your was and test.

okay oddly enough your file worked but i still can’t get any of the other files to play. Ugh

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