Chromecast audio playback metadata

Hello ST Guys.

I have installed the Cast-Web-Api on a windows pc. I works like a charm, but i have som qustions.

I am using Actiontiles and webcore to control my chromecast audio devices.

  1. When i stream from an app on my phone I have a piston that collects the playback info and shows in AT, but when the songs changes it dosnt discover this and change the trackdescription in AT.

  2. I have radio streams from several radio stations, but i dont get the playback metadata to show in the music player in AT. when I stream from the webcore piston to AT, I get no metadata to show in AT. Is there a way to get this info with the stream.

I hope to get some help with these issues.


The developer of Cast-Web-API hasn’t been around for a while. So, unless someone else is willing to take on updating it, then we’re pretty much stuck with what we’ve got. Have you tried posting on the Cast-web-thread?

yes. but no respons

Yup…unfortunately, unless someone decides to take this on, you’re stuck. I tried to take a look at it but couldn’t figure out how to modify the JSON object. It is beyond my skills. Sorry.