Platform Update - Release Notes - 09/30/2015


  • Fix for occasional issue where code would not load in the IDE after current session expired



No fix for adding/removing user accounts yet?


Me, me, me! I just submitted a ticket (139031) regarding a custom SHM item that is not notifying me when a contact sensor opens/close. The Notify Me When SmartApp works perfectly in it’s place though.

I did this in SHM literally about 5 minutes ago today. 7:40PM EST.

wow my old TTS app just started working, I forgot about them. Scared me half to death. But glad it’s fixed!!!


You forgot to mention that power allowence was brought back to life (aka turn lights off after x minutes). And was surprised that fix for getting caught between two motion events wasn’t a priority. Of well, maybe next time. Thanks for all the hard work patching the wholes so rapidly.

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@slagle, this has been resolved. I did not change the entry “For how long? (Minutes)” from “false” to 0, or any other number when setting it up. I assumed a default value would be used. I would recommend that “false” be replaced with “0”, and say that “0” means for every sensor event, like the way the Notify Me When app states it.

This is not fixed in smart lighting, you still must turn the device on, before you can turn it off with a delay after motion stos.

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Is this an Mobile App update?

Check out the new Power allowance option in the triggers section.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


I assume no fix for the GE switch device icons? It’s pretty frustrating that everything is shown as a plug.


Yup, found that, which works for a few of my remaining use cases, but not all of them.
It’s not a replacement for the off after motion stop (without the on event).
Specifically the case for me, spare room(s), no need for motion on, actually not desired because of the cat.
You walk in, turn on the light, but you want them on while there’s motion in the room, then off after that.
If I used power allowance for that, boom, off with the person in the room.

Are you saying that the event trigger should be motion and Power Allowance Exceeded?
Like this:

How are the triggers evaluated when you have multiple selected?
Are they evaluated sequentially, so in the case of the above, motion stops, then power allowance timer starts?, is it an OR?, confused…
I could play around with it to figure it out, but how bout a bone eh?


I had a ticket with support entered in a week or so ago about the SmartLights App not always ‘respecting’ the current mode. Support said it would be part of this update, but I don’t see it in the notes. Any insights @slagle?

Also, does the fixed TTS solve the Sonos Weather Update app issues where it sometimes doesn’t report the full weather when multiple forecast options are selected?

Unfortunately I have had a ticket from day one on this issue. They should really restrict the multi select. It is deceiving and confusing. The app allows you to multi select, but then the additional options are not saved or automatically removed on the back end. Only the first selection appears when you go back in the app. The support thought that I was just being picky.

It seems to be working again for me

The only problem is the TTS is a little different and I haven’t figured out how to get it to pronounce my name. “Tracy” still doesn’t work and my old workaround of “tray sea” doesn’t either - emphasis in all the wrong places.

Edit: in one app it does pronounce my name correctly and in another it doesn’t so guess I need to check that.

I wonder if this platform update was the cause of Smart light - an unexpected error occurred in the mobile app. Seems you can no longer create a new instance of Smart Light SmartApp – you get “unexpected error” message in the mobile app (on Android anyway)

I was going to ask a question on this since I’m new to SmartThings but I didn’t realise you could ‘install’ another instance of a SmartApp and I’m curious, what purpose would this have since I can just add a new ‘automation’ to the existing Smart Lighting app?

There may well be a difference but I’m not sure what it is!

The overall idea with smart lighting is that you install the app from marketplace once, then add further automations to that instance as @Benji mentioned. There is no need to install additional smart lighting instances.
If they moved the “add automation” to the top of the apps entry page this may alleviate some of the confusion.

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Is this on Android? Because on iOS I can’t select multiple triggers.

Yes android…