Platform Update - Release Notes - 07/21/16

  • Add optional redirect url field for OAuth
  • Documentation here.
  • SmartApps will finish uninstall even if the SmartApp throws an exception in the uninstall() method
  • Fix for things list in mobile app being empty if a troublesome device is present

This is a first for me. My hub went offline around 1730 EST and it hasnt come back online. Nobody was home until my wife got home 20 min ago. The power is on. The internet seems to be working. But i’m not home to be sure. Did this update cause hubs to go offline?

Shouldn’t have, seen similar reports and have escalated it internally

@slagle Would this have affected routines for a while? I had routines firing sporadically around 530 ET yesterday. This would explain why that may have happened.

@slagle: Does the SmartThings end validate SSL certificate for the Domain if the Redirect URI uses “https://”?

In a recent test, without Redirect URI defined, I think that OAuth successfully completed to our test server using https, and a self-signed certificate. Not a big deal for testing (and, certainly fine without the new Redirect URI defined), but if this feature is maximize value, then certificate needs to be validate against reputable common CA’s, right?


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@slagle this does not work, I just did a test and if there’s an exception/error in the uninstall() method it refuses to complete. Infact even using a try-catch method doesn’t solve to issue, it still stops the uninstall from completing

EDIT: This for a Parent Child SmartApp-DH setup. Calling uninstall() will refuse to work if there are any child devices still setup or the child device cannot be uninstalled by the parent app (e.g. the child is in use by other SmartApps).

You should probably extend the deleteChildDevice() API to delete devices even if they are in use by other SmartApps.

This isn’t for a parent/child setup.

Okay thanks for the clarification. So just to understand this correctly, if all the child devices are delete, it automatically deletes the Parents app. This is what I’m seeing and assuming that is the correct functionality for reference.