Platform Update - Release Notes - 06/02/16

This weeks platform update is a relatively small. Notable changes can be seen below.

Release Notes

  • Many misc. bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Root endpoint of SmartApps is no longer accessible through a web browser

Did this already happen?

This is Really sad. What is the replacement?

What do you mean “sad”? This “root” endpoint was a security risk. Explicit endpoints for individual specific Device commands or status queries are still fully functioning (ahem, that’s how SmartTiles v5.x still works…

I apologize in advance if I misunderstand the change or your question, but, I think this is not a big deal…

More details here:

I am afraid it was my misunderstanding, missing the word ‘root’. I immediately assumed this was related to the oAuth example no longer working for those that simply wanted to create some GET method endpoints for some of their devices.


That’s what I thought too … I went and tested my GETs right away. :wink:

Wasn’t this the last announcement we got? Yet, we continue to get updates that break things every week. So much for transparency. At minimum would be nice if we would know that hot fixes are applied ONLY on Thursday, so we know to unplug our hubs on Wednesday night…



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Technical specifications, rather than achievements and graphs. Those have an important role, but I get the pep talk at work on regular basis. Check @alex update from 5/27, how many people actually clicked on the “platform update” ? Actually compare the update from 5/27 to the one posted on 6/24. Big difference, isn’t it?