Platform Update - Release Notes - 05/18/16

I assume - based on what I started seeing yesterday - that this extra caching extends to the (yet undocumented) htmlTile as well? If that is indeed the case, are there any guidelines on how to properly get an up-to-date version based on last device update?


Oh yeah baby! ! ! ! I feel a comeback of virtual switches too!


You me both!!! Been busy setting up locations in Life 360 to notify ST…Sorry @JDRoberts you were correct, I cannot live without virtual switches. Thank you @Mike_Maxwell for creating the ultimate virtual switch! And most of all thank you ST, I hope the platform keeps up with my non-ST devices that are now connected to the platform via IFTTT :slight_smile:


HTML is always being cached, nothing changed there.

Also, it is undocumented because we are not supporting it at this time. :slight_smile:


Not trying to hijack the thread but “ultimate virtual switch”? What did I miss?




Does this mean we can “see” up to 300 different devices in the mobile app? Or (crossing my fingers here) does this mean you have increased the 100 device type limit from 100 to 300?

@slagle it was news for me today, and it may be for others who use parent/child apps. You cannot add a new child (fails with red banner -you are not authorized) if you are logged into a secondary accout. FYI @mike_maxwell , @MichaelS both Ask Alexa and Keenect were giving me errors…

BTW, I actually liked the idea of additional users not being able to add child apps

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Yeah, right now I can’t get echo to do a damn thing in regards to ST… It just sits there staring at me… with it’s evil blue eye!



Did you publish the child app? If not, that’s most likely why.

Not it, one is published (Keenect), one is not (Ask Alexa)…

thank you to ST for fixing this, will make a massive difference to what we can achieve with the platform!


300 is MUCH better than 100 - THANKS!

I noticed yesterday that My Devices was showing more than the previous limit of 200 Devices within an account on the My Devices page, and that I can get more than 100 on the My Hubs/ page.

However, as I am already at 264 total and 165 in the largest of my 3 locations, (with many real and virtual switches yet to go), I’d really prefer to see a jump to 500 devices total for an account (300 total / 300 per device attribute per location seems reasonable - for now :slight_smile: ).

OK, Back to installing those switches!!!

THANKS (again)!!!


Looks like the Lumin conditional was also added to Smart Lighting!!! You guys need to play up these improvements a little more! Thanks for getting that added!!

Now if we could just get you guys to make upcoming features a little more visible/public I think it could really have a positive effect on some of the negativity that’s been brewing as of late.


Yes! I’ve been waiting for smart lighting to have lux conditions. This is great. Is there any other place to find changes like this other than looking in the apps?

I’ll take a conditional switch with no announcement, please! @slagle should we set a lobbying fund for you and @jody.albritton

You beat me to it, I couldn’t post fast enough lol.

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I assume you’re talking about the switch restriction?!? Because illuminance was out for a long time ( :wink: :wink: 2 days, that is)

The Room caching update leads me to ask a question…can we use a smart app code to see what devices a user has put in a room? Or is that database just reserved for the Apple and Android SmartThings App right now? (I’m trying to figure out how to create some room centered apps)

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