Android update 9-18

First off, Woohoooo Sliders!
A little glitchy. Verts don’t drag, but horizontal do. Tough to set a temp for AC. I’ll live though. Would love up/down buttons on ends of sliders that increment value by release?

Mobile presence does not leave and arrive on ST app startup. Yeah!

UI feels snappier once loaded. Does take a bit longer to startup though.

So far so good!

Keep up the good work ST Dudes and Dudettes.


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I’m running into an issue on the new version where the tiles don’t refresh when a light is turned on/off. It seems that 2 taps are necessary for it to display the right status. The log in the app shows the right status but the tile does not update.

I’ve had this happen occasionally on previous versions of the app but it happens every time on the new version.

I cleared the data for the app and redid the setup but the problem persists.

Are there any fixes for this?


I had to clear data for vertical sliders to drag…but its still difficult to find the sweet spot. You can also click anywhere on the slider to jump to that spot.

Also seems the log drawer doesn’t snap up or down anymore. It stops wherever you stop the swipe.

Mines crashing now too.

  1. Having real issues with updating stuff… For example, I open up my “basement” folder and tap on a light to turn it on. The light goes on, but the app doesn’t show it as on. If I tap the setting link then it shows as on. But after backing out, it still doesn’t show on. If I back out of the folder to my main menu then re-open the folder, then it shows as on. When you combine the fact that the tiles don’t do anything when tapped (ie, there’s not vibration or movement of the tile to indicate it tapped) along with the tile not updating it’s causing real issues when trying to use the mobile app to manage particular items.

  2. Agreeing with others that vertical sliders is almost impossible to ‘slide’. You have to JUST get in the right spot otherwise is just slides the whole tile sets up and down. Tapping is really the only way to make it work.

  3. I love being able to change some of my icons, but I was hoping that I’d be able to change others. For example open/close sensors. I have five right now and hope to add more later. I’d like to be able to at least indicate which is a door vs. a window. Likewise on presence sensors. I haven’t tested picture taking yet, so I know there is that option, but I’d still like to do an icon for these.

Same here on the crashes! It will not stay open long enough now to use it. I tried clearing cache and restarting with no luck.

Mine is unusably crashy as well

The last time the app crashed like this it was server side issues. That would explain why its so random too.

Hi everyone, apologies for all the crashing after the update yesterday. We pushed out a new version today (1.2.1) that fixed the major crash on launch. We’re also planning to put out a new build soon focusing on bug fixes and stability before moving forward with some cool new features.

I’ll take a look at sliders on some different devices. It seems to work much better on some devices than others, but since that particular feature gap being such a pain point for many people, we did want to get something out that worked as fast as we could.

If you’re having any other issues, please let us know.

Emily Allen

Hmmm… I guess sliders / dimmers remain a challenge for the SmartThings team!

Is it Android fragmentation? I have to doubt that is the main cause, since so many of us are experiencing the same issue on, I presume, a variety of devices.

Can any Android developers out there explain why something like this was(?) easier to implement in iOS and yet drags on in the Android world (… no pun intended).

Meanwhile, all this talk of sliders makes me hungry … slider burgers!