Plastic alternative to switchbox cover pictured below

(Brian McFarland) #1

Hi, I recently installed a bunch of Leviton Decora DW6HD’s around my home. I have one switchbox, however, that I can’t find a suitable switch plate/cover for. An example of the cover I need is below. I need plastic to avoid Wi-Fi issues, but all I can find online is metal. I’m at a loss. Anybody know of a plastic version? I’ll add a link and a picture. Thanks in advance for your help.

(Joel W) #2

You might need an adapter plate, but here you go. Plates, the one you need is here.

(Dan) #3

You might also be able to simply replace the old toggle style switch with a new Decora style “dumb” switch. I did this for numerous multi-gang boxes that I added GE Z-Wave Decora style switches. The “dumb switches” are very inexpensive.


If it’s a 2 gang size, that’s usually called a “combo: one toggle one rocker” wall plate. Or if it’s specifically Leviton it will be called “combo: one toggle one decora.”

Home Depot will have several in plastic:

But the one you link to is described as single gang, and is only 4 x 4. Do you need it that size specifically? That looks like maybe a project box cover rather than a switch plate.

(Michael) #5

I just bought one of these at my local HD the other week. I am almost positive Lowes carries them too. Definitely visit you local favorite store and see. If not head to the other. :grimacing:

(Brian McFarland) #6

Wow, I want to thank everyone for their responses. I did not think I would get help this quickly.

(Joel W) #7

That is called a Mulberry cover, made to go directly on a 4" surface mount 1900 box. If you look you will see the screws in the four corners. That is why I said an adapter cover is needed.

(Brian McFarland) #8

Thanks everyone. To be more clear, I’ll attach a photo of the box and cover. Any way to get that type of cover in plastic?

(Brian McFarland) #9

Just googled Mulberry cover. That’s exactly it, thank you. So really no way to get a new one in plastic? I need to use some sort of adapter?

(Joel W) #10

OK they make a flat plate which has the setup you need. You mount the flat combo plate first, then the outlet then the finished plastic plate. So the outlets or switches are sandwiched between the two plates.

Here is the solution buy one of these. mount the two devices, then the finished cover using the screws for the devices. Make sure you kill the circuit. Now this isn’t being covered with Sheetrock correct?

(Brian McFarland) #11

Hey sorry for the late response. Nope, no sheetrock. Thank you so much again, that’s a perfect solution.

(Joel W) #12

I am glad I can help!