4" square box decora cover

Hello -

I upgraded my utility room switches to the standard GE z-wave switches (Decora style). This is going into a standard 4" square box. I found a 2-gang Decora cover, but it doesn’t like all of the extra metal around the switches-- it’s made for a simple paddle switch to fit.

Has anyone done this before and came up with a creative solution?



If you can find a Crouse-Hinds supplier - this
TP511 - https://www.galco.com/buy/Crouse-Hinds/TP511

Edit - to add - the 4" boxes I am familiar with have the receptacles mounted to the cover and not the box.

Never seen a "fancy " one.

You broke the tabs off in the middle where the switches meet, right?

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Paul - yes, this is exactly what I have. It’s more that the metal of the switch in the upper corners won’t fit. You can see on the decora plate that there are dimples where the screws go-- this doesn’t allow the switch to sit flush against the plate.

How did you get around this problem?


No clue :slight_smile: Perally never used a Decora in one, just a few with 2 receptacles and some 220 ones.