Light switch plate for (old work) wall box

(Vince Hamilton) #1

Does anyone know where to buy wall plates that are deeply recessed?

I added a Z Wave light switch to a wall that had no previous light switch.
Everything works well.
The wall box sits on top of the drywall approximately 1/8 of an inch.

(this keeps the box from falling into the wall)
This creates a gap between the wall plate and the wall.
(you don’t get this with an existing wall box, because it sits behind the dry wall)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


These are typically called “deep bevel cover plates.” Easy to find at most electrical supply houses. Kyle makes some that don’t obviously look oversized:

Some people use the foam that’s usually called “electrical plate weatherstripping” (even though it’s not strips), which is great for sealing air leaks, but doesn’t do much for aesthetics. However, it’s easy to then build a picture frame around the switch if you want. These are also commonly called “seal gaskets”.

And here’s a typical picture frame approach from somebody’s DIY blog. The thumbnail is the " before" picture.

You may want to use both a gasket and a deep bevel cover together.

You can also just use clear cord caulking around the edge if looks don’t matter. Unlike regular caulk, it should pull off easily when you need to get into the switch box again. I prefer a finished look, but for some projects cost is more important.

(Donnie) #4

Make sure you remove your “dog ears” on the switch so it sets in the recess of the box. I use these all the time and it will look like this if the switch is not properly in the box.

(Vince Hamilton) #5

Thanks for the links JDRoberts, I like your ideas and will try the KyleSwitchPlate first.

Thanks Eagle72069, taking a closer look at the wall box I see what your talking about. There are grooves that will let the switch sit nicely in the box.
Unfortunately the switch I bought is cheap and not easily modified.

If the KyleSwitchPlate doesn’t work for me I will try taking a Dremel tool to the switch. I appreciate all the help. :smile:

(Donnie) #6

Yep I would get out the Dremel tool. Good luck. At least your not like me my interior walls are only 2.5 inches thick. Gotta love 50+ year old houses.