GE switches and Outlet Covers

Installed a few GE zwave switches (normal and dimmer) in a few double and triple gang boxes… just one switch in each so far as I slowly build up the system. Only issue so far really is that the gang box cover (the cheap white builder-grade plastic switch cover) doesn’t go back on flush with the wall. The switch is screwed in as tight as it will go, but the cover sticks out from the wall, or noticeably bulges in the case the switch is in the middle. Has anyone come up with a good way to solve this problem, or found a better cover that allows a little more room for the larger/thicker metal on these switches?


I would try the Leviton nylon unbreakable plate. You could also score the drywall with a utility knife where the yoke of the device sits on the drywall to get it semi flush.

Had that issue. I use Leviton screwless cover. Covers better.

Is that the Leviton Decora wall plate? I’m looking at the Eaton wall plates on Amazon, but am unsure what is the correct size for the GE/Jasco switches.

My approach

Anything Decora is only one size. Just select how many gangs your box has. I’m using Leviton. GE/Jasco switches is like standard Decora switch, just a little deeper.

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Did you break off the tabs ? I’ve got both GE & Leviton switches and the " cheap bulk plastic" covers fit fine.

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I went with the Eaton Aspire screwless plates. Its a nice 2 piece job and looks nice. Assuming you used the

Figure spending $35+ for a new light switch why not a couple bucks more to give it a modern look

The issue is the screw that comes with the GE Switches. It doesn’t fit as flush as the standard switch. I took out the screw from standard switch, used it, and now it’s flush.

Had the same issue. My fix - look at the back of the switch plate and you will see a stud around each screew hole in the place. I guess this is to raise the plate a bit. Only that the ge switch plate surface is flat while the generic switch as a slight indentation to account for the studs. I used something sharp to just cut off all four studs and now the plate sits flush. Hope this helps.

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has anyone found a 5 gang toggle switch cover plate?

You can also use this model number on Lowe’s website: 2165w-box

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I have the toggle switch version though.

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Thank you. I’ll order one now!

this was a bust. It’s just a regular cover plate made out of steel. It offered no additional depth to support the C toggle switches. I returned it to the store and i’m returning the GE switches as well. Too much hassle.

Why don’t you talk to the folks at Kyle. They have lots of different styles of cover plates, including some that are beveled, and can probably help you figure out something that will work. (If the cover plates are the only issue.) :thinking: