Placeholder Smartphone not show change position in the IDE

I don’t know if it’s a case, but after updating my Oneplus 6T to Android 11 stable version (I had the beta before and it didn’t happen) I notice that in the IDE I no longer see the “at home” status changes of the my phone. The automations work (sometimes not always) but when they don’t work, I have no way of verifying where my phone is located. To overcome this problem I made a trivial virtual switch to adjust on or off based on my position , but possible there is not a ready solution on Smartthings for this? Also you from IDE do not see the status changes? Or is it my problem? Thanks

That is correct. You can no longer see the status in IDE. The devices using placeholder are not using groovy which is basically what IDE is based on. IDE is going to be phased out at some point when groovy is shut down.

As you have found out, creating virtual devices is probably your best option to viewing the location status for your phone. I have started to use a virtual presence sensor based on Beta Edge (note I said BETA). But it is a great opportunity to see how Edge works.


I am sure you aren’t the only person who doesn’t see the presence events. However it wouldn’t be true to say that no one sees them. I most certainly see them absolutely fine.

The same is true of other ‘placeholder’ devices. They don’t show much in the IDE but they do show the events.

Thanks @jkp . I did not understand, the visual presence sensor with edge, completely skips what is the display on the IDE and manages it autonomously? I have a lot of problems with the location display of my oneplus 6T, maybe this method could help me to solve them? Or what is the origin of detarmination of presence from my phone, would it remain the same? I ask to understand if it makes sense to try to solve the problem. I’ve heard a lot about edge, but haven’t tried anything yet. Thanks

Sorry, I was just trying to say that by creating the virtual presence sensor using Edge, you should be able to see the status for your mobile device in the ST app without the need to go to IDE to try and find that info. BUT it does not resolve any issues you are experiencing with the mobile device not accurately reporting its correct location or viewing events in IDE. Both of those issues I doubt I could assist with.

For presence not working, you can try:

Turn off get location from this phone in the ST app
Login to IDE and make sure the device was removed for your mobile device.
Clear cache for the ST app on your mobile device
Maybe uninstall/reinstall the app and give permissions when you add it back
Enable get location in the ST app again and allow any needed permissions

And hope it works …

thank you. I try a lot of time this solution without solve the problem. two days work fine, one day not… for me and my wife… i need a solution becouse without this i can not use all my automation presence.

PS: i add adge virtual presence like your post . only for try. thanks