Mobile Presence events in IDE

Where do I find the mobile Presence events in the IDE? When I go to the device (my phone) and click on events there is nothing displayed.

I can still see Presence Sensor events for mobile phones in the IDE but curiously I am no longer seeing any Occupancy Sensor events and my virtual devices mirroring the phones aren’t showing Occupancy Sensor activity either.

I don’t have any events. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but my phone is listed as a placeholder. Do I need change the device type or leave it as is?

The placeholder device type is correct. It is a ‘new’ integration that doesn’t use a DTH being accessed on a legacy site, the IDE, that expects all devices to have one.

The events should still show there if your phone is actually producing them.

This is what I see when I open the device events list. I have it linked to a virtual presence sensor via WC to show status in app. It constantly marks me away when I haven’t left the house all day. I updated the WC piston to check every 30 seconds which has helped.

My phones used to have events, but now no longer. I have no idea when it stopped, but Automations using mobile presence devices still work fine.


After installing a virtual presence switch and trying to get the garage to open when I arrive [as yet the logic eludes me], troubleshooting, I found the IDE shows two phones for me, one as a Mobile Presence device, the other as Placeholder.
The mobile presence ID includes several ID segments, whereas the placeholder shows no ID.!?
Neither show an event list, though the mobile sensor shows Webcore use for a variety of automations (none of which include a presence parameter). The virtual switch shows events.

Is the MP an artifact from ST/old; is it functional?

The Mobile Presence type is the old DTH based integration. It was used by both the Classic and new apps but ultimately replaced by a new style integration which is the one that shows up as a placeholder.

I believe there may have been a period where both DTH and new integration were functional. I’ve no idea if that is true now as I just use the latter. I don’t even recall having to remove the DTH version.

I see presence events in the IDE on two Android phones. I used to see occupancy as well but that seems to have been dropped recently (not just the visibility in the IDE, the capability has been removed).

Other users seem to not get any events shown but their devices still seem to work.

Thanks a bunch for the quick response and confirmation.
Funny though, for the Placeholder I don’t have any Data or States, or in use by.
Unless this is normal for the new ST, I probably need to investigate.
Again, thanks.

The old MP (Mobile Presence made by Android) is still active and tracking as shown by the ‘last activity’. It’s offered as a presence option for automations along with the current one. So for some, deleting it might be a bit more complicated. I have none, but wonder if dependencies would transfer.

I have two mobile presence phones set up. The IDE shows no events and recently the presence triggers also stopped. Is there any way to debug this without any info showing up in the IDE?
I’ve removed and re-added them multiple times to no avail.

Know this may be old, but the answer to my question on 5/23.21 may answer your question as well. For me, I used the new phone device with a ‘placeholder’ type, removing my ‘presence’ device. The dependencies were not an issue for my setup.

I’ve noticed the consistency of presence triggers is affected by the state of the phone.
When I come home, my garage door automation opens, but not always. When it fails, my phone [samsung s10] has a notification or calendar event, or whatever showing when opened. Not the home screen. When cleared, the automation finally triggers.
Any ideas what setting on the ST app or phone that can remedy this failure to function?