IDE simulated devices

The simulated devices in the IDE are not responding to any changes. For example, if I have a virtual contact sensor and I want it to open, I should select ‘open’ from the drop down and press play and it should go to open. Right now it is not changing states. Is anybody else having this problem?

Hi, I’m having this same problem. Has anyone found a fix to this?

I was trying virtual presence sensors y’day with zero luck…

I did open a ticket today for this. I will keep you informed on what I hear.

According to @jim engineering team is looking at this and some logging bugs now.

Same here. Hope it’ll get fixed asap.

Two days without IDE now. Is this a priority or…? I WANT TO WRITE APPS. :yum:

This issue should be resolved now.

Let us know if you continue to experience any problems.

Thanks for your patience!

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