Problems with smarphone, location, and absent / present status

Hello everybody,
I set the “get location” function from the smartphone, on the SmartThings app.
since the phones are not displayed between the devices in the app, wanting to know if I am displayed as absent or present, I created some switches with vEdge Creator V2.5 that should turn on if the memro’s position is “at home” and turn off if “away from home”. but these switches do not change status!

What am I doing wrong???

in the IDE I can see them as “iphone of xxxx” Type placehoder, location
home, online status, last activity 5 minutes ago, in the events list, I see the status change from present to absent

Consider using vEdge Creator to create virtual Presence sensors. Then use Automations to sync up the status as you want. :slight_smile:

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ok but so I should select me absent or present, and not the smartphone directly in ase to my position

I would like to do everything automatically thanks to the position revealed by the smartphone! but first I should figure out if it works or not! because at the moment I cannot understand if from the app (not in IDE) I am displayed present or absent

smartphone and ST Get Location provides your position. The virtual presence sensor (or virtual switch if you choose that option) reflects the status through Automations to sync between the two. The virtual presence sensor offers both (Present or Not Present) and the switch (on/off)

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ok tried
created presence sensor, which should turn on if I’m at home, and turn off if I’m away, now, I am at home, in ide the iphone is marked as present, but the virtual presence sensor remains off! :sob::sob::sob:

You will need to leave home and your geofence before they sync up if you have your Auomations in place. Manually you can change it for now.

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thank you! I’ll try then as soon as I leave the house.

meanwhile, directly from the App where you can see the “absent or present” status of the members? because I can’t find it anywhere!

It would be on the virtual presence sensor. Add it to your favorites screen for quick view

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ok tests done, I set both the virtual presence sensor and the sending of a message, both in the case of absence and presence.

I left the house and after a few minutes the sensor changed status, and the “absent” notification message arrived

now I’m back, for more than half an hour now … and nothing … no message and no change of status, the presence sensor gives me absent! while on the IDE in the event list, it turns out that I have been present for 48 minutes now!

what do i know? can it be wecore’s fault? even if I have installed it but never used it?

is it possible you didn’t set up that Automation correctly?

Is webcore at fault… highly doubtful. It is an smartapp that will be phased out so if you are not using it, you can probably delete it at this point.

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no controlled automation and nothing is wrong! then, however, I did 2 automations, one of the virtual presence sensor and the other of notification with message! still gives me absent since yesterday!
Webcore deleted

I did 2 more things: restricted the geolocation area to a minimum, and uninstalled every webcore entry.

now it seems to go … I don’t know if something actually helped, or is it just a coincidence!

one last question I noticed that among the installed SmartApps (from IDE) there is an app called “Super LAN Connect” that I have never installed! things? what do i leave or delete?

Keep Super LAN Connect. I imagine you are seeing that under My Locations > smartapps?

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IDE page, my locations, smartapp, yes