Picture in Picture: Android vs iPhone

On Android: In SmartThings > Cameras > Live View, there is a PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Icon (first screenshot).

Clicking it reduces the Live View to a Small Floating Thumbnail. Double-Tapping the Thumbnail increases the size, but it remains a Floating. These Thumbnails can be moved around and viewed while navigating other Home Screens and Apps (second screenshot).

I know that the iPhone supports PiP, as shown here in Apples Instructions with YouTube as an example, and we’ve enabled the General Picture-in-Picture setting on the iPhone, but we’re not finding the capability in SmartThings.

Does anyone know if the iPhone version of SmartThings supports PiP, and if so, how do you enable it?


I using a Pixel 6a running Android 13 and ST APP ver. and do not have that option.

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Oh… It does need to be Enabled in Android too…

3 Dots
Special Access

Then enable desired apps

AFAIK there’s no app specific PiP setting in iOS. Its system wide. I have mine enabled and the ST app does not do PiP for my ring cam video stream.


My PiP is enabled for ST in Android settings, but I do not have that option in the ST APP.


@Automated_House Thanks good to know! I just checked and I can use the PiP feature on my Ring Doorbell in SmartThings on my Android v12.

@Paul_Oliver Thanks! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and a Galaxy Tab and PiP works in both of those. I wonder if it’s a Galaxy vs Pixel 6a capability.

There are several SmartThings features with are galaxy only, for what it’s worth. :thinking:

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My guess it is one of those Galaxy extras that us none Samsung people don’t get.


It sure looks that way.

It’s too bad that Samsung does things like this. While I like having the PiP on my Galaxy Devices, it’s hard to imagine this feature being a Decision Maker in considering whether to buy an Apple vs Samsung Device:

Decision Tree on Whether/Not to Switch from Apple to Samsung:

  1. I’ve used Apple for the past 5 years and am very familiar with its functions: Switch? No.
  2. I like/need the features of Apple: Switch? No.
  3. Most of my Family/Friends use Apple, so we’re able to share things easier: Switch? No
  4. Galaxy will give me a PiP in SmartThings Cameras: Switch? Oh yes, for sure! Just forget about all of the above and make the switch. :grin: