Smartthings V3 App (ver. 1.7.33-26) Released

It looks like they added the lighting group to the Android app. I also noticed they added “camera group” too.


Interesting. Must be preparing for the release of the new SmartThings wifi camera. Where in the Android app is the camera group option?

Pressing the + brings up the menu. I also noticed that each mode in the IOS app had the word “edit” next to it. In the Android app we have to press the dots in the upper right corner and select “edit”. The apps are not being developed with identical UI.


The latest version of the app also seems to be initializing faster and overall feels snappier. Will see if this perception continues the more I interact with it. The tiles have a sightly different look too them to.

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I don’t see the “camera group” option in the Android App. It seems inefficient to have two apps which do slightly different things. I can understand to some extent differences in UI as Apple imposes some standards and Android suggests a slightly different set.
I’m noticing less lag as well. I just created a cooperative interaction that turns off my desk light when I put my desktop computer into lock. It was surprisingly fast and I thought it was just that. But now I’m noticing other interactions (light switch mirroring, for example) that seem to be faster than they were as well.

Do you have any cameras tied to ST. I just looked and the camera group option is still there on my Galaxy S7.

Which ones do you have @oldcomputerwiz ?

I have some old Dlink IP cameras. I’m using blebson DLink Camera Manager. I can control most of the functions in the classic app (though live streaming doesn’t normally work). In the V3 app I can only turn motion sensing on/off. They don’t work when put into the camera group of the V3 app. They don’t work in conjunction with SHM either. I usually just turn on the camera motion sensing when needed and write the video to my NAS and send me a text with some stills of the video

Interesting. I wonder if Arlo or ring are able to be added since they are officially supported.

I would hope so but, this is ST. LOL

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“Do you have any cameras tied to ST?”

Well, that’s embarrassing. No, I don’t. That would probably explain why I don’t see it :slight_smile:


Nothing embarrassing. Now we know that it appears you need cameras for the option to show up. That’s not always the case with other things in ST. Thanks for letting us know.


There have always been some differences because of privacy/security restrictions which iOS imposes. For example, the contact book feature has always been different.

I think most people are used to these kinds of differences, they affect many apps. :sunglasses:

Just as one example, the Uber driver app has often been quite different for android versus iOS.


I have Arlo and it works. When you go to the camera group, all the cameras will start playing automatically. Handy if you want a quick overview of the whole house.


I have two RIng devices and, unfortunately, the implementation is incomplete at this time. My Ring doorbell is included as a motion sensor and camera, but my Ring spotlight cam is not. (Specifically, if you have a wired or A/C powered spotlight cam, it is implemented, but the battery-powered one is not.) I’ve written to SmartThings about this and they have said to “keep watching” for the battery-powered one to be added. I keep watching…
Interestingly enough, as per the camera group comments, since it only appears to SmartThings that I have just one camera, no Camera Groups yet :slight_smile:


First time I’ve seen this. V3 app says hub is disconnected yet I can control my devices and device status updates on the V3 app . Classic shows hub as online.

There have been several threads on the disconnected hub in the new app. I am too lazy to search for them. But you can generally reboot your hub to clear that message or just wait a few days. I get it all the time but it comes back eventually with no intervention. :slight_smile:


I must have missed em. So it pretty much behaves the same way as the disconnected devices. For me, they generally come back on their own too.