PhotoBurst + Samsung HD Cam Pro

So I bought a SmartCam HD Pro and placed it on my front porch. I want to be notified when someone arrives at my door and for it to send pictures back to me.

I try installing the PhotoBurst app, however I can’t select my camera for either the “Motion Here” field or the “Which Camera” field.

I know the camera can do both of the features as I have the native Samsung Camera app installed and it can do it (with Google integration for notifications which I don’t want to do).

It is kind of confusing but the SmartThings SmartCam HD Pro devicetype doesn’t have the “Image Capture” capability it only has “Video Camera” and “Video Capture” which are for live video in the app and video clip recording. To use the photoburst you would need a devicetype with “Image Capture”.

I think that they will be adding more capabilities to the supported cameras in a while but who knows at this point.

Maybe @twack can comment on this being included as an option in the devicetype soon or not.

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You are correct, we will be adding more capabilities to the “Video” supported Cameras. Still images being one of them.

Personally, I like having the video capture capability and can’t think when I would rather have a still pic. What particular use case would the still be better than a video clip?

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I like the video capture as well. But to answer your question… the ability to quickly dispatch a photo to law enforcement of the person who broke into your house (and may still be there!) comes immediately to mind.


Any updates on this? I’d really like to be able to write a SmartApp to subscribe to Samsung SmartCam Pro HD’s motion detector so I can trigger a siren, for instance. I had to install yet another motion sensor together with the camera, which seems unnecessary.

Although video is nice, photo bursts are free and should fit the needs of most. I personally am not willing to spend $$ annually for a feature that I may never use.

I’m hoping that ST does their video recording like dropcam/nest does, where you can just buy it a month at a time. That’s what I currently do with my drop cam, I just order their “CVR” service when I know I will be away a lot during a certain month and turn it off when I get back.