Phone presence going away/home/away/home it's 20 miles out of area

K so this morning the wife S7 android on Marshmallow 6.01 for some reason the presence is going nuts.

She is at work 20 miles away and had the phone almost a month without issues. Anyone else having any issues?

Of my four phones being used as presence devices, I had one just stop reporting this morning.

Which is odd, since I am using life360. It was showing properly but ST wouldn’t show it as away.

I switched to life360 because of the exact issue you are describing. Today is the first problem I’ve had since.

Though, I’m not sure if it’s ST or the phone. That particular phone is on the Sprint network and the rest are AT&T. I’ve had pretty consistent problems with that phone.

Did it stop updating in L360 app too?

The 360 app was showing the location and everything fine. I removed the phone from the ST app by deflecting it in the life360 smart app, then retorted it and it was accurate again.

Must be ST.

I believe so, but next time, try to just open Life 360 connect and click done. Works for me every time…:slight_smile:

I tried that, several times. Usually that works, but not this time.

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Make sure you always have WiFi turned on and the GPS mode is not in power saving. If you put it in power saving or turn off wifi it will jump towers to often, hence the sporadic behavior.

I’ve done the same thing… When it starts going crazy I just disable the notifications and wait.

It’s 20 miles out of the home zone, no wifi at her work. And although a possibility I doubt she would change any setting. Wifi and GPS has been on since day one, today is the first real presence issue with it.
Good thing I’m home. Lights going on/off and door unlocking/locking.

What ever it was it did it 6 times between 7:21am-12:02pm and so far hasn’t again since then. Got to love ST. :slight_smile:

Mine constantly bounces between home & away while sitting in the same room. Has only popped up in the past week or two. I have a Samsung S5 (yes - I’m a bit behind on the cell phone curve…). Not sure what is causing it. L360 not doing it though.

I have a Galaxy S7 and am having similar issues with smart Home Monitor. Its reporting that I have arrived home about two hours after I leave and changes my SHM status to disarmed! I use Life 360 also. Up until i got this new phone Life 360 and ST were working well together. .

Not using Life 360 here. Chalking it up to a ST glitch since it stopped.

Ok so today (or maybe even yesterday) I am started having problems similar to that described above except…

I have both Android phone AND life 360 set as presence sensors. In ST they both show going,coming, going,etc at wrong times. For instance, I was 25 miles from home when both sensors reported me being home. I quit the ST app and loaded Life360 to check its history log. The log here showed exactly the same coming and goings as that of ST.

Both Androd and Life360 have been my presences sensors since the beginning of time. Never any issues until now. What has changed you ask? I installed Marshmallow 6.01 this weekend. Coincidence???

I’m using galaxy S7 also, and the mobile is “leaving” home about 7 times a day, for 20 minutes each time, then comes back. It’s highly annoying.

I see multiple threads on this presence issue.

SmartThings, please can you fix this?

You need to get a computer programmer, a pretty good one, to basically fix this issue, you could use a combination of GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, I’m not sure exactly, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way.
Today is Friday the 13th, good luck SmartThings.

My phone is Galaxy S5 with Location in Power saving mode and ST always reports it correctly.

My wife phone is S6 Edge with GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks for Location (use more power), it worked fine for few days, and started crazy today. What I’ve found on her phone is Power Optimizer for some applications is running, and it seems to stop all notification (to save power), so ST could not communicate with the phone. I stop & start Location service then ST worked correct again.

Power Optimizer automatically running on S6 & S7. My S5 doesn’t have that and it is working OK.
Still investigate more.
Anyone has the same issue?

I’m experiencing something similar with my S7. When I leave the house in the morning, some days SHM indicates I left 3 hours later. Really noticed it this week taking my daughter to work with me, and her iPhone doesn’t report incorrectly.

Hoping for a fix soon as controlling the house environment to save energy when we’re not home (along with my ZEN Thermostat) won’t be possible!