Just showed up at home even though I'm 40 miles away!

So presence shows I’m home, yet I’m still 40 miles away at work. Really my phone says I’m where I am yet my house things I’m in the house now.\

toggled my location on the smart phone off and back on and says I’m away now. Ugh…

Anyone care to take a stab at this mess?

More details… iOS or Android?

Android Samsung S7 with latest updates connected to WiFi at work, presence for the most part has been working. Seems that if I’m gone for a week it can’t figure out I’m home for several hours. Came home after being gone for 3 days and had no issue’s until today, went to lunch at work, came back to work and boom, said I was home and the dogs went nuts cause the door unlocked and TV was turned on.

Try turning off battery optimization for Smartthings. I now rely more on life360 but I see huge improvement with ST with battery optimization off.

Wow, now I’m driving home and 5 miles from the house and presence says I’m home again. Really? WTF is going on today. Why can’t this just work without all little crap that happens. Starting to get old, but let me guess my little problem means not a whole lot to smartthings…

Already turned off the battery optimization, rebuilt the presence stuff, reset devices. Now I sit in the driveway and low and behold it has no clue I’m even right outside.

Honestly, if I could find something more reliable I’d be tempted to move on from this PITA. Getting any response from anyone other than you great user’s that help is a joke with this device.

Are you signed into your account on any other devices? For example, a tablet at your house which could be providing false presence updates.


I know it’s frustrating but we don’t really know if it’s the phone or ST is the culprit yet. Just hang in there.

Tablets are signed in but don’t do presence, only the phones do presence at this time. (note, my setup at the house with tablets has not changed in a year other than adding a device here and there to the hub that’s it) Wife has the exact same phone, so far no issues with presence.

I didn’t have any either until I left on vacation for a week and came home. Then all this stuff started with working and not working. I can reset the phone, rebuild the presence but how many times do I have to do that?

I know I’m a little upset, twice today the dogs went nuts and the doors are unlocked TV turned on etc and I have to turn it off. Just upsetting, works fine for so long and then out of the blue this stuff starts.

Rebuilt the presence on my phone, even though the tablets are not doing presence I changed the user that is logged into the smartthings app to something different (though the tablets never played into this before) just to see if things change up. We’ll see if the presence stuff on my phone settles down or keeps acting up.

Quick update, presence seemed goofy today as well. I don’t know why but in the phone decided to check location settings out. Under history my phone was unchecked for some reason. Turned back in and hopefully it starts working again the way it is supposed to.

I started having similar issues, ended up completely removing my mobile presence. Not using arm/disarm feature anymore, everyone is happy and peaceful…including the neighbors. Never found ST reliable enough to be my sole security system, just a hobby.

As @Navat604 says, Life360 seems to work well.

Well here I am 28 miles from home and presence says i am home again. Doors unlock, dogs go crazy barking. Ok, so how are we going to trouble shoot this because honestly, I’ve done everything I can think of.

Any ideas Smartthings folks. This is getting pretty old this week already

Going on vacation last thing I need is this to happen. If there is nothing Smartthings can do just say it. At least then I can maybe get something that either works or can get support on it from that manufacturer

One other thing is. Do you turn off wifi when you are not home? Keep it on for GPS accuracy. Once in a while my ST thinks I am home when I go underground or in building with no cell or GPS signal.

Wi-Fi is never disabled on my device

Broke with Android as well

For those using Life360, are you using this for Presence only or both that and the device? Just curious, I loaded on both phones tonight and was going to try only the life360 presence to see how it works. Thanks

I have two family members who use Life360 exclusively in terms of presence for SmartThings (they do not have the SmartThings app on their phones). It’s barely missed a beat. Once I had to go in to the ST SmartApp and recheck one of them but other than that it appears to work extremely well.