Phillips Hue Lights Turn Blue after a few minutes

As stated, the lights (all of them, which are 9 different ones) turn blue after about 5 minutes on any other color.

I had the same issues with Nanoleaf Bulbs and this is why I stopped using the system. I am tech savvy but this is beyond annoying, it renders the entire SmartThings sytem unuseable because lights are one of the anchors of the system.

A help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • look through all Routines
  • look in History to check if they reveal clues
  • do you use google home or Amazon Alexa or other?
  • if you use Alexa, check if Hunches is enabled and creating Routines there
  • look in the hue app for automations ir other add on scripts

I disabled all routines. I posted the history, they are all changing to 6500 and smartthings is the system that is changing them.

I am on Alexa currently but i had Google Home and the same problem a few months ago.

Also, same issue persists no matter the lighting system (Hue, TpKasa, or Nanoleaf)

Also, I tried disconnecting it from SmartThings and hooking up the skill on Alexa. Works perfectly, but then I can not use my SmartThings system with any automations.

Did you check if Hunches is enabled in Alexa and look for any Routines it may have created?

The image you posted only shows ST reporting the status but nothing in regards to what changed them such as a Routine.

Look in Alexa for any Routines? Convince me it is not Hunches :slight_smile:

I wish it were that simple. No hunches. No Alexa routines.

I connected to a new Samsung account and no problems.

I think I have a ghost in my system. Keep in mind this happened with Google Home connected to Smartthings as well, the same exact color, with NanoLead and TPKasa

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Smart lighting? Rules API?

Have you contacted ST support to report the issue?

I deleted my Smartthings account completey and re-set everytbing up. Magically fixed.

No idea what it was, but it was definitely some type of glitch in the Smartthings System.