Virtual Switch, Phillips Hue & Big Switch Issues?

I’ve been trying to setup a night time routine for my house and am running into a few issues and was hoping this community could shed some light.

Here’s the setup: I’ve got a virtual switch (Night Light) that should change the color of 4 Hues to Blue when switched on (Using Hue Mood Lighting) and then turn off after 10 minutes (using Power allowance to turn the Night Light virtual switch off and Big Switch to have all 4 hues turn off when Night Light turns off). The Night Light is turned on after receiving a Hello, Home action (Bedtime - which does lots of other stuff with no problem)

Main problem - when the Night Light is turned off, nothing turns off. Power Allowance seems to work and shut off the Night Light switch after 10 minutes, but Big Switch doesn’t seem to kick in. The more minor problem is that about 50% of the time only 3/4 lights gets set to blue when Night Light is turned on. Anyone else troubleshoot something similar?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is every day life of Hue and ST. I’ve placed several support tickets, reset my Hue bridge and had them apply many updates to my hub to no avail. The official stance is that the Hue lighting system is within Labs, even though I’m not sure how something can be stuck in labs for so long… The integration will not be 100% and us users caught in the pass the responsibility game.

Thus I shall end my long rant explaining the situation with the advice given to me, use IFTTT until they fix their product. If I knew about these current issues, I would have looked at a different HA provider.

If being in the Labs means that the product is not supported, SmartThings should not advertise it on the front page. Philips Hue is listed on the Works with SmartThings page and although it does have a “SmartThings Labs release” note, nowhere on that page it explains what exactly that means or warns that the product is not fully supported. This is misleading, to say the least.


Bummer! I had pretty much put Smartthings up on a shelf 6 months ago after having similar issues but hoped after this long something would’ve gotten sorted out.

The only thing that has worked 98% of the time is my Kwikset lock that locks after I leave the house – though I think the reason that works reliably is that the lock just uses the hub to receive commands from IFTTT (as I discovered pretty early on that if you use Smartthings geolocation you are going to have a bad time).