Phillips Hue Hub + Wemo LED Bulbs

I have connected my GE Link LEDs to the Hue hub without issue. Not so much luck with Wemo LED bulbs. Hue App does not find the bulb after I reset it. ST on the other hand has no problems find the wemo bulb after the reset.

Anyone been able to connects a Wemo LED to a Phillips hue hub?

Should not have restricted my search to just this forum before posting the above. Search the entire web returned this tidbit of useful info in regards to this topic

The WeMo Smart LED Bulbs from Belkin, for example, only work with the WeMo Link hub and cannot be paired with the Hue. The same story with the LG Wireless LED Bulb. Both of those bulbs are ZigBee-based but won’t pair with the Philips Hue Bridge. That’s really no great loss as far as we’re concerned though; both bulbs are $5-10 more expansive than the two bulbs we had success with.

I don’t know if this helps you any, but the wemo bulb now be connected directly to the smartthings hub without needing the wemo bridge device. It doesn’t connect it to a hue bridge, but just in case the direct connection solves any of your needs:

Yup, that is how I had it set up. Some time ago I posted a problem I had with LED bulbs after a power failure.

The advise I took was to obtain a Hue hub, add my LEDs to it then add the hub to ST. So far I have only added my GE bulbs and my Wemo Led continue to give me headache (with bot ST or the Belking hub) so I thought I would try to add these bulbs to the Hue. Fail :frowning: Hopefully someone else will learn from my failure :smile:

@cdikland One simple suggestion and little off topic. You mentioned you have added your GE links to hue hub. Now, you have lost the ability of local processing via Smart lighting (limited though as it is). I think that GE links with ST supported devices like their newer multi’s work in local mode (I may be wrong). But certainly anything connected to the hue hub will not run in local mode as of now for sure.

Speaking of Philips Hue bulbs, has anyone noticed they are getting more difficult to find?

It seems like Best Buy may be phasing them out of stores. I can’t find any Lux bulbs locally at all, and I haven’t seen them restocking the other Hue line in a long time either…

The Hue lux starter kits are on sale right now at Best Buy. I doubt if they’re phasing them out.

The store employee told me they’re getting ready for new models to come in, which would make sense, because the HomeKit Version should be out this month.

I can’t imagine Best Buy not carrying that, since they’re adding additional Apple devices, including the watch, for the holiday season.