Are WeMo bulbs not supported even though it's zigbee?


I have a WeMo smart bulb that I was hoping I would be able to set up as a TCP bulb. I do not have a WeMo hub. Why would I want that when I have smart things to do the work for me?

I sent an email to support back in October of LAST YEAR and was told that they were working on support for adding in the WeMo bulbs. I figured for sure after a year this would be doable, but when I search for TCP bulbs in my app it never finds the bulb. Is this really not available still?

If it isn’t - what are my options? Do I need to return this bulb and try a Hue bulb? Obviously my goal here is to control the bulb on its own and not have to screw around with another hub of any kind.

I would return the bulb and purchase instead a GE Link. That works fine with the ST Hub, and is working now. You will need to explain to them that you are using GE Link bulbs and they will push and update to your hub.

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Looks like that is the route I will go. My hub is already up to date with that special firmware according to the ST team.

Do the GE Link bulbs just connect normally though SmartSetup as a light bulb or do I need to work some magic in IDE?

They connected normally for me. As long as you have the ZigBee update for the hub you should be ok